After escaping public humiliation after being on a reality dating show for authors and finding out her best friend betrayed her, Mary Rose ‘Moe’ Davis just wants to go somewhere safe and lick her wounds. Why not Lucasville,KY? Seeing as she’s heard nothing but good things about it from her friend Aiden Love, she decides to pin what’s left of her hopes and dreams on a picture perfect place she’s heard so much about. Funny thing is, life was done dealing her cards yet.

Thick-skinned Native American businessman, Arson Two Dogs Daniels, had more than enough on his plate. Between handling a thriving new distillery, Two Dogs Bourbon & Spirits, in Lucasville,KY and trying to ‘handle’ his fiesty grandmother, he has little to no time for a relationship, much less meaningless sex. On the way back from retrieving his grandmother, Diva, he spies a damsel in distress on the side of the road, complete with broken down car in tow. Giving her a lift proves to be so much more than that, especially when he finds out she has no place to stay and no job in her immediate future. Pretty soon, the attraction cannot be denied, especially with Mamaw Diva nudging them along.

They both come from two entirely different worlds, but can they push that to the wayside in order to give their budding relationship a chance? Or will Arson’s family issues wreak havoc in Moe’s already crumbling world?


M.A. Stone has been writing and making up stories ever since she was a little girl and she got her Sesame Street coloring books taken away for filling them with dirty words. She was born and raised in Upstate NY(which oddly makes her sound like she is from Wisconsin)and has moved around all over the east coast.She currently lives in South Central PA with her amazingly sarcastic husband and her four incredibly entertaining children. Oh and her dog who weighs over 90 pounds, but thinks she is a Shi Tzu.

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